Main Course

Indian main courses are diverse and flavorful. We often have dishes like “dal,” which is a thick lentil stew served with rice or bread like “roti” or “naan.” Curries are also common, made with meat, veggies, or legumes in a tasty sauce with spices, onions, and tomatoes. Examples include “chicken curry” and “paneer tikka masala.” Rice dishes like “biryani” and “pulao” are aromatic and filled with meat or veggies. These dishes show the variety of Indian food and offer delicious options for everyone.

Soya Chunk Masala

Soya Chunk Masala is a flavorful curry made with Soya Chunks, an excellent vegan protein source, in a onion tomato gravy base. This recipe is incredibly easy to make and takes less than 15 minutes to make.

Drumsticks Curry | Shevga Bhaaji

Drumsticks Curry, or Shevga Bhaji as it’s known in Marathi, is a traditional Indian dish made with tender drumsticks cooked in a flavorful gravy of spices, tomatoes, and coconut. It’s a quick and tasty curry that you can whip up in just 15 minutes. It pairs perfectly with steamed rice, roti, or naan.

Palak Khichdi

Palak Khichdi is a healthier version of khichdi where lentils are cooked with rice, spinach puree, peanuts and aromatic spices. This dish is a staple in many Indian households, cherished for its simplicity, nutritional value, and delightful taste.

Plain Rice | Bhaat | Chawal

A comprehensive guide to making restaurant-style plain rice that’s perfect for pairing with your favorite curries, like butter chicken. With just a few basic ingredients and easy steps, you’ll have delicious rice ready in no time. Let’s get cooking!

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