About Amusing Cooker


My name is Trupti, and I am the Amusing Cooker behind amusingcooker.com. Describing cooking as my passion would be an understatement since I am thinking about experimenting new dishes all the time.

This passion sprouted when I was in 6th grade, a time when my father was hospitalized and bedridden for six months due to an unfortunate accident. With my mother managing his business, we had a maid named Bhagwati who assisted with cooking and cleaning at our home. During the day, while Bhagwati was there, I found myself alone at home as my older sister was attending college and tuitions for her 12th grade.

Bhagwati became my guide and taught me almost everything about daily cooking. However, life took its course, and my focus shifted to studies and pursuing higher education.

Although later I cooked occasionally under my mother’s guidance, I didn’t fully immerse myself in the culinary world until I came to the US and was waiting for my work visa. With an abundance of free time on my hands, I thought, what better way to utilize it than by cooking for myself? And so, my journey of culinary exploration began during my first year in the USA.

The flavors and aromas of Bhagwati’s and my mother’s dishes remained vivid in my memory, enabling me to recreate their essence in my own cooking. Before I knew it, I was spending more and more time in the kitchen, experimenting with different ingredients, cuisines, and presentations, and sharing my simplified recipes with family and friends.

I must also dedicate my culinary skills to my mother-in-law, who possesses an exceptional knowledge of cooking. Fortunately, Bhagwati hailed from North India, my mother from Central India, and my mother-in-law from the southern parts of Maharashtra, incorporating a southern influence in her dishes. Learning from these three diverse culinary traditions has been a tremendous blessing during my kitchen experiments.

In terms of tasting and feedback, my husband plays the role of my primary tester, experiencing both the successes and failures of my dishes. He has been incredibly supportive throughout my journey of self-exploration, transforming this hobby into a professional pursuit. Additionally, he is the technical mastermind behind building this website. Since its creation, there has been no looking back. I have never worked harder, and every moment of this endeavor brings me immense joy. What keeps me motivated, even on the toughest days, is the connection I share with my followers. Their success stories with my recipes fuel my passion for developing new culinary creations.

Why Amusing Cooker?

There is a delightful anecdote behind the name amusingcooker.com. During a gathering we hosted at our home in Seattle, WA, we had invited several guests, including a French gentleman who happened to be my husband’s colleague. Curious about the delicious food, he inquired about the chef behind it all, and my husband proudly pointed towards me. Approaching me with a smile, the French guest exclaimed, “Ah, so you are the Cooker?”

Initially, I was puzzled by his choice of words, but it soon became apparent that the language barrier had played a playful role in conveying the situation. We shared a hearty laugh, realizing how even with a few linguistic hiccups, certain situations can be effortlessly explained. Thus, the name amusingcooker was born, encapsulating that memorable and amusing exchange.


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