Opening a stubborn Pickle Jar from Bharat


The “Husband-Assist” Method:

  1. Step 1: Give your husband a dramatic performance about how incredibly tight the pickle jar lid is stuck. Use wild hand gestures and exaggerated expressions to convey the direness of the situation.
  2. Step 2: Bring the pickle jar to your husband and explain that it’s a “mission impossible” scenario that only his superhero strength can solve. Make sure to emphasize the seriousness of the mission with a dramatic theme song in the background (you can hum it yourself).
  3. Step 3: Hand over the pickle jar with an overly formal ceremony. Encourage your husband to put on a cape or at least an apron as his “jar-opening uniform.”
  4. Step 4: Watch in amazement as he puts on a show of flexing his muscles, stretching his fingers, and warming up like an Olympic athlete getting ready for the biggest event of his life.
  5. Step 5: Offer words of encouragement, such as, “You’re the only one who can save the pickles, my hero!” or “I knew marrying you was the right choice for moments like these!”
  6. Step 6: As he puts all his might into twisting the lid, you can provide a play-by-play commentary like you’re narrating a thrilling sports event. “He’s approaching the lid, folks! Will he do it? The crowd is on the edge of their seats!”
  7. Step 7: Celebrate his victory with an overly enthusiastic dance, confetti, and a standing ovation. Make it clear that he’s not just the love of your life but also the official “Pickle Jar Champion.”

This humorous approach not only lightens the mood but also involves your husband in a fun and memorable way, making the pickle jar-opening experience a shared adventure in your household.

Alternatively you can

  1. Use a Jar Grip Pad or Rubber Gloves:
    • A jar grip pad or rubber gloves can provide extra traction, making it easier to twist the lid without straining your hands.


  1. Warm Water Method:
    • Run hot water over the lid for a few minutes. The heat can cause the metal lid to expand slightly, making it easier to twist open.
  2. Tapping the Lid:
    • Gently tap the edge of the lid on a countertop or a wooden surface to break the seal. Be careful not to dent or damage the lid.
  3. Rubber Band or Elastic Band:
    • Place a rubber band or an elastic band around the lid to improve your grip. This can provide extra traction when twisting the lid.
  4. Use a Jar Opener:
    • There are various jar openers available in the market designed specifically for opening stubborn jars. Some are mechanical, while others use leverage to make the task easier.


  1. Wrap a Towel or Cloth Around the Lid:
    • Wrapping a cloth or towel around the lid can provide a better grip and cushioning for your hands.
  2. Tap the Lid with a Spoon:
    • Carefully tap the edge of the lid with the handle of a spoon to break the seal. This should make it easier to twist open.
  3. Use a Flat-Edged Knife:
    • Insert the flat edge of a butter knife or a similar tool between the lid and the jar and gently twist to release the vacuum seal. Be cautious not to apply too much pressure or use a sharp knife that may slip.
  4. Ask for Help:
    • If you’re still having trouble, ask someone with more strength or hand dexterity to help you open the jar. I
  5. Use a Jar Key:
    • Some kitchen gadgets, like jar keys, are designed to make opening jars easier. They have a lever-like design that helps break the seal and provide extra leverage for twisting.

Remember to be patient and not use excessive force that could lead to injuries. If none of these methods work, consider using jar openers or seeking assistance from others. Safety should always be the top priority when dealing with stubborn jar lids.