When I started my keto diet, I was particularly worried about leaving some of my favorite foods behind. I dreaded having to leave chips and biscuits and everything that made my life delicious. Watching my friends load up their trays with crispy crunchy nachos with thick creamy cheese felt like my diet was going to be difficult to maintain.

That was until I heard about the newest snack addition to the market: Keto Tortilla Style Chips by Hilo Life.

I knew in my gut I had to try them instantly.

They were surprisingly hard to find, but luckily, I managed to get a pack of 12 for 22 dollars only, off Amazon.

Keeping my hopes low, and being quite skeptical of these, I gave them a try, and I was pleasantly shocked! These are flavorful, crispy, and all in all very delicious!

Let us talk about the texture first. The almond flour that substitutes the corn to make this snack keto, gives each chip a very satisfying crunch that is quite reminiscent of your average corn tortilla chip. The Hilo tortilla chip is thus thin, snappy, and quite crunchy, much like the taste of Doritos. I was expecting some grittiness from the almond flour, but all I could feel in my mouth was the crispy crunch of the tortilla chip.

Now onto the taste!

I tried the low carb Nacho cheese flavored ones first, and the flavor!

Oh my, the flavor.

The seasoning is a perfect mix of the Doritos nacho cheese flavor, and the traditional nostalgic nacho chips you get at the cinema. There is no over-saltiness, no bitterness from the almonds, and no unusual flavors. It did not, however, have that corn-y taste that tortilla nachos have; rather, it has a mild yet pleasant aftertaste of almonds from the almond flour and although this makes me realize that I am not eating a corn tortilla nacho chip, it tastes just as scrumptious anyways!

Next, I opened a pack of the ranch chips. Ranch happens to be my favorite flavor, and these did not disappoint! The seasoning was garlicky and tangy just like traditional ranch, and the onion notes really complemented the almond aftertaste, with the hint of parsley and dill acting as the cherry on top. This deserves a chef’s kiss!

I tried the salsa flavor too, of which I was not too enthusiastic of a fan. I was expecting a stronger salsa flavor, much like the one you get in the traditional nacho-cheese-salsa tray, but the seasoning was quite subtle and mild. It was not an unpleasant flavor, but nowhere near to an authentic salsa.

The spicy salsa flavor, however, was smashing! There was heat, there was flavor, there was all the oomph in it! The stronger seasoning also helped to dampen some of the almond aftertaste, if any.

Try these chips with my Guacamole recipe and I promise you will never crave for the original nacho chips.

All in all, I think these chips are great! They do not contain any whey protein powder, thus lacking that unappetizing grittiness. They also, surprisingly, do not feel too greasy, which I love. A keto snack that is not heavy on the fat and low carb too is a win-win for me!

The back of every keto tortilla chip packet says it contains only 3 grams of carbohydrates, and 9 whopping grams of protein, so you know that not only do these chips taste much better than what you will get in the market, they are also very healthy!

The only downside I think, is worth mentioning here is that they are not yet readily available in any supermarket(recently, I found some Costco carry their Nacho cheese flavor chips), so for the time being, you will have to get them online.

I have already placed my second order on Amazon.

Happy eating!